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Time to go. . .

Well y’all, we are going on 6 hours of fairly consistent 7-10+ contractions an hour! After sewing up my last custom order for awhile, a pedicure this morning, lunch with Zach, and a quick stop at home for Caleb and supplies I have been laboring at my mom’s house up the road. My amazing sister in law, Colleen, is down from Dallas to be our doula. Good thing she decided to come in yesterday! Gotta love her intuition. Zach came home from the wedding he was shooting with Luxe Films and we are starting to make preparations for heading to the birth center!

I won’t be posting again for a bit but there is the Twitter feed to the right (almost to the bottom if on your phone) or you can follow @ArtsyFamily. This has been a much calmer process so far so I’m hoping I can tweet a bit, but I make no promises! Don’t be upset I’m not Tweeting up a storm since Zach and I will be just a smidge occupied.

Hopefully next post will be a picture of our new baby girl! All prayers appreciated!


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