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Time to go. . .

Well y’all, we are going on 6 hours of fairly consistent 7-10+ contractions an hour! After sewing up my last custom order for awhile, a pedicure this morning, lunch with Zach, and a quick stop at home for Caleb and supplies I have been laboring at my mom’s house up the road. My amazing sister in law, Colleen, is down from Dallas to be our doula. Good thing she decided to come in yesterday! Gotta love her intuition. Zach came home from the wedding he was shooting with Luxe Films and we are starting to make preparations for heading to the birth center!

I won’t be posting again for a bit but there is the Twitter feed to the right (almost to the bottom if on your phone) or you can follow @ArtsyFamily. This has been a much calmer process so far so I’m hoping I can tweet a bit, but I make no promises! Don’t be upset I’m not Tweeting up a storm since Zach and I will be just a smidge occupied.

Hopefully next post will be a picture of our new baby girl! All prayers appreciated!


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Model Citizen? Caleb entered in the Gap Casting Call!

Hello all!

Just a quick post to let you know we’ve entered Caleb in the Gap Casting Call contest! Voting for the ‘Fan Favorite’ goes through November 14. From there America chooses the winners in each category from 20 finalists December 6-20. The ‘Fan Favorite’ will receive a $1,000 Gap giftcard. The 20 finalists will get a $500 giftcard for Gap and a trip to San Fran for a photo shoot. Grand prize winners get $1,000 giftcard for Gap, a pro photo shoot for Gap, and their photos used in stores and Gap marketing across the country! SO COOL!

Here’s how you can help! Go to Caleb’s entry page, once a day and click ‘Fan Vote’. In fact, if you have more than one email you can vote once per email address, every day! That means if just 15 of you have 2 email addresses that is and additional 30 votes a day! As it stands now Caleb is in the 60s for votes. If he gets about 195 or breaks 200 then he’ll be in the top 1,000 for baby boy!

The skinny:

Vote once a day HERE through November 14! Use those extra email addresses, folks. Work, school, personal, you got it, use it!

Feel free to pass this on to whomever you think would like to vote for our little man! The more the merrier.

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Introducing Caleb Michael!

I will do a longer post about my birth story later, but I wanted to share the good news!

Here he is:

Caleb Michael, born July 19, 2010

Born at 5:30pm after almost 37 hours of labor he weighed 5lb 120z and is 17 1/4 inches long. We are quite in love with our blonde baby burrito!

Also wanted to put a prayer request out there for Caleb. Nothing terrible or life altering by any means, but he is in the NICU right now instead of in the room with me. He took a bit of convincing to breathe and cry immediately after birth and overall since he’s a small fry, birth was a bit more traumatic than it would be for a larger baby. His breathing is very quick which makes it hard for him to feed, so he has an IV (in his sweet lil head which makes momma want to cry!) and a feeding tube. I tried to breastfeed him and also to formula feed him, but poor guy was so stressed and fussy from low blood sugar and birth itself that he wasn’t interested. Thankfully they will add whatever I pump to his tube so he is getting his fair share of liquid gold. At any rate, his breathing is still very fast so he’ll remain in the NICU for now, but it also sounds like he may not be ready to go home with us tomorrow afternoon. This really breaks our hearts of course, to think of going home without baby, but even more to see him so labored in breathing and with tubes all over his tiny body. We are able to touch him, but until he gets moved from the transitional portion of the NICU we don’t get to hold him. I’m hoping by this evening we’ll be able to again. I haven’t held him since he was about an hour old! If y’all would pray that his breathing would even out quickly so he can get out of the NICU and home to us, that would be WONDERFUL! He is perfectly healthy in every way, he just had a really rough start yesterday. More to come later including awesome photos which are currently on the camera…so enjoy your iPhone version.


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He’s COMING, Pt. 2

We’re heading in to the hospital! Contractions are around 5 mins apart and about a minute long. Keep refreshing the page and watching the Twitter for updates!

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QUICKIE VERSION: Labor has begun! Keep refreshing the blog for new Twitter updates or follow @BabyBoySprout on Twitter.

DETAILS: After some early labor symptoms (TMI, TMI, and contractions) on Saturday, we are definitely experiencing the real deal labor! My contractions were getting crampier and more frequent as Saturday night wore on, but we decided to get some sleep if possible. Got a few hours sleep before contractions became more painful and I could no longer drift to sleep. As of now, 5:53am, they’ve been about 4-5 minutes apart and lasting about 43 seconds. Our doula is actually out of town (!) but our wonderful back up doula is on her way here. We’ll stay home for awhile before heading to the hospital. Please be praying for a smooth delivery without complication, and let’s throw in quick while you’re at it. That’s a nice adjective.

Don’t worry, Zach will be taking a million photos (I set him up with a 16GB and 8GB card) and I’ll get some on here when I can. I know everyone is anxious to meet/see this little guy!


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41 days and counting…or is it discounting? Hmmm.

As promised I am posting a few photos from my fantastic shower in Dallas this past weekend. I have my Houston shower today and I am SO excited because, to be honest, I haven’t seen a lost of these ladies in a long time! My best friend will be in from Austin, my other bestie who works all the time is coming, and a lot of ladies from the church I grew up in will be there too, choir buddies included! Should be a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is able to make it out.

I am proud to have done my thank you’s for shower #1 so that I don’t have backstock when I get home today. The thank yous came out GREAT and I highly suggest Pear Tree Greetings to anyone looking for some cute, modern, personalized stationary! They are really affordable and with the addition on coupon codes you can get an even better deal.

We are getting VERY close now. Less than 6 weeks until his due date. Yikes! I promised myself I wouldn’t truly organize until after both showers because I’d just have to redo it. I am feeling a bit like we have no where to put all of his gear, but I’m hoping the addition of some baskets under his crib will help since I can put bulky things like blankets, diapers, and bibs in those. Then his dresser will have room for CLOTHES. What a concept!

I am so glad we have hired a doula to help us out during labor and delivery. Already I feel like I’m much more equipped for the natural birth I want to achieve. I have been happily bouncing away on my birthing ball (it’s a yoga ball, really) which helps with my back pain some. Tina is going to show us some more positions to use during L&D at our next meeting and also help us with our birth plan, which rats, I need to draft! She’s lent us some DVDs and one I just watched is the Business of Being Born. Phenomenal. It was truly heartbreaking to see photos and hear how births used to be in the United States in the 20s and on into the early 1960s when medicating women for birth was a new concept and not regulated or studied much at all. That made me want to cry more than watching the births shown! It was wonderful to see how women can have such a peace about them as they are delivering their child. Obviously they are in pain because these were unmedicated, but they are taking reign of that pain, dealing with it in the way that is best for them, and in many instances actually pulling out their own baby with this sense of euphoria and total elation. I don’t see how anyone can see that and discount midwives, natural births, and even home births. It was an eye opener to something I already thought I knew some about! Definitely encouraging for me to see how it can be as opposed to how it ‘has’ to be. I am so looking forward to this memorable experience…pain or not, it is my experience and I won’t let anyone take it from me!

Nichole made this sweet slideshow from my belly pics!

Fun game...choosing baby's features from mine and Zach's

"Whale you be mine?" PRECIOUS!

3 generations...almost 4!

{edit} I wrote this yesterday but didn’t have time to post it until this morning…


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How time flies

33 weeks, only 7ish to go!

I cannot believe that I am almost 34 weeks with only 6 more (theoretically) to go! Where on earth did the time go?!

This past weekend a friend from college threw me a shower up in Dallas and it was a blast! Most of my family was able to come, some of my college friends, a friend from Arkansas, and even a friend from high school who now lives in DFW. What a fun group of people! My friend truly outdid herself on the shower with favors, a slide show, fun but non-annoying games, and tasty food. I am so blessed to have people like her in my life! We got many things from the registry and of course loads of cute clothing. How abundantly our little Sprout is already being blessed is just beyond me. I will post pictures from the shower in the next day or two, I’m honestly too tired to mess with it right now. I will, however, show you the pile of baby swag we were so blessed to receive!

Today was my 34 week appointment and an ultrasound to see how Sprout is growing. The ultrasound was pretty long, which was fun, and he is small at 4lb 4oz, but on track and healthy! Good thing too since last night I had the strangest dream that he was born but had some genetic defect which caused him to be perfect as can be…except for the HUGE cyclops eye in the middle of his sweet little face! I know it sounds insane, but I was so glad to have an ultrasound today to confirm that he is developing as he should be without any strange abnormalities of the face. PHEW. Sprout is also head down, which is a shock to me, but as he should be. Usually he seems to lay side to side, or so I thought. I was afraid he’d be stubborn about turning downward but I guess he’s behaving…for now. Zach was unable to come with me due to training for work, so my mom tagged along! I was able to get some pictures and a video of the ultrasound for Zach to watch later. I really do love the people that work at my hospital! Saw the doctor after the ultrasound and everything is going well. I got some pointers on when to call if I’m having contractions and what to do to try and stop them so I don’t have to come in for nothing. I despise being at the hospital and doc’s office most of the afternoon, but at least it was all for a good cause and good news! Next appointment is in two weeks and they’ll check for StrepB and then after that I’ll be making weekly visits. Not looking forward to that, but it means the end is near and baby boy is almost in my arms.


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