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Absence makes the heart grow fonder…umm, here’s hoping.

You have probably noticed (or I sort of hope…) my absence in the blogosphere as of late. Considering writing is a great outlet for me in general, I thought blogging might help channel my grief into something constructive. Maybe I should because I feel that grief is still pretty taboo in our culture. Then again, I’m private about my grieving process and I don’t know that I’m ready to lay it all out there. Might be better to do a series on it a couple times a month or something. I don’t want this to be such a Debbie Downer of a read. I welcome tears but usually more due to laughing so much, not pure sadness. There is a time for that, but I don’t want people to avoid my blog because it always makes them sad! Yikes!

So much has happened since my last post! Here is a run down:

  • I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with an outside baby! Though a few days late since Zach had a show that day. Instead of sweating in the heat at his show, Caleb and I spent the day with my Mom watching the Royal Wedding on the DVR and eating crumpets and baked brie. I did get my FABULOUS Lucky Elephant bracelet as a gift from Caleb and Zach. Perfection! I wear it often.
  • After much harassing of my friends and praying I’d win, I WON a gorgeous bracelet from the Lucky Elephant! It is a triple wrap Sundance and I adore wearing it!
  • Zach celebrated his first Father’s day and we enjoyed a meal out with his family. His gift didn’t arrive until just a few weeks ago, but it was worth the wait. An amazing handstamped silver guitar pick from Under Her Charm! The owner is so sweet and was very excited to be adding some Hebrew to match Zach’s tattoo as she has a Hebrew tattoo as well! I love meeting people that get as excited about things as I do!
  • The day after Father’s Day we found out some fantastic news: Zach’s brother Jason and his fiancee, Alison are expecting! Due in early February! We are SO thrilled for them and anxious to know if we’ll have a new niece or nephew.
  • I have launched a new little business venture on the ever-popular Etsy! My new shop, Sweetpea a la Mode features onesies and T’s in fun colors with trendy ties! I am about to add some new product lines as well with numbers for birthdays, initials, and some girly things, too! I am loving getting in touch with my sew creative and fashiony side. Fabrics are my new vice.
  • I cannot believe it but Caleb is now the big O-N-E. How the heck did THAT happen?! Didn’t we just meet him and welcome him to our family as a tiny little baby man? Now he is ONE?! His rock ‘n’ roll party was a blast and he loved being the  center of attention. He is quite the little ham these days. Not walking yet, but he was sure showing off his standing skills for everyone to “oooo and ahhh” over. He demolished his slice of rainbow cake and got lots of great presents! Poor guy was exhausted but slept great that night!
  • We received the great news that my brother Robert, seester (in law) Colleen, and their sweet baby Samantha will soon be living in DALLAS! And by soon I mean a few weeks! We knew for a while that they would be coming to TX and likely Dallas, but the final word came and next thing we knew they were hiring movers and planning the big trek. We are all thrilled they will be much closer since DC is not somewhere we can visit too often. Caleb and Samantha can grow up together and I won’t feel like a bad auntie missing out on all of her wonderful stages!

That is the main breakdown for now. But to keep you coming back for more I will 1) make a pact with myself to blog frequently and 2) leave you with some incredibly adorable photos of Caleb…I know you are all really here to see him anyhow.

Caleb's 6mo shoot!

With his big puppy, Angel

Modeling his Sweetpea a la Mode onesie!

What fun, I'm ONE!


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