about the artsy family

The Artsy Fam consists of Zach, his wife Barbie, their dog Sammy, and their son, Caleb, fresh out of the oven July 2010. Zach is an accomplished saxophone player and music marketing whiz who drinks a lot of coffee, loves his Mustang, and plays in a jam band based in Houston. Barbie, the designated shooter, dapples in crafts of all varieties, loves to decorate and shop, and is working to build her photography business all while learning how to be a mom and keeping Zach, Sammy, and Caleb fed. Caleb is a progressive infant who likes drooling, breastmilk, smiling, bouncing, and attempting to do things his little body won’t allow him to just yet. Sammy aka Booger aka Fluffball is a semi-paranoid Sheltie who loves to bark at everything, herd his toy sheep (and his people), and play with his BFFs Angel and Calvin.


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