V-Day & Caleb’s Dictionary

Hmmmm, interesting math?

I know most of you know this already, but since I never formally announced the news on here, we are expecting baby #2! We used the above photo taken by my dear friend, Hannah Bunker, to announce to our families at my birthday dinner back in October. Everyone loved the photo so much that NO ONE paid attention to the overall big picture “Zach + Barbie + Caleb = 4”. Thankfully, we had Caleb wearing his new Big Brother shirt I had made under his button down. He did a Superman style reveal and then everyone understood!

October 11, 2011 - Definitely positive!

Both Zach and I were SO excited to find out another baby was on the way, especially so soon after miscarrying. Definitely helped to ease the blow of that loss. I was really happy to have very positive tests show up quickly without having to squint, turn, and reexamine to see a second line, or as we web momma’s call it, a BFP (BigFatPositive). After having a ‘laptop’ ultrasound at about 6/7wks my due date was determined to be June 22, 2012 and it hasn’t changed since! Caleb will be just shy of 2 when the baby arrives. 2 Under 2 for a month until the Terrible Twos start! Thankfully (?) Caleb has already started that in a way with little tantrums and being overly stubborn here and there. I’m glad it’s not like a light switch thus far. I don’t think I could handle a sudden change to Terror Child with a tiny baby to care for too!

January 19, 2012 - It's a Girl!

We had our ‘Big Ultrasound’ on January 19 and it very clearly and easily showed that our baby is a GIRL! We are both very, very excited. We had prayed and hoped for a girl next for several months before we even thought about actually attempting another. I have to admit that watching my friend’s daughter, Mikayla, a few times cemented that for us. She is so cuddly and sweet that Zach fell in love with the idea of having a Daddy’s Girl around. And really, what man doesn’t when there is an adorable little girl clinging to your neck making you want to call in sick to work?!

Little baby foot - all 5 phalanges

At this point you are probably wondering why on earth I have titled the post ‘V-Day’ and haven’t mentioned a thing about Valentines Day. Well, while our Valentines and 2nd Anniversary were both amazing, I’m talking about a different kind of V-Day that doesn’t necessarily happen in February. Today I am 25 weeks into my pregnancy. In the world of crazy online moms we call today V-Day because it is the time when a baby is first viable outside of the safety net of it’s mother’s womb. Clearly, this would be very early and with the help of many medical technologies, but it is another milestone we preggos like to celebrate. Viability Day! Granted, earlier delivered babies can and have survived before 25 weeks, but at 25 weeks there is a decent decrease in the chance of life changing delays and handicaps such as blindness, deafness, and mental abilities. Due to the fact that I miscarried right before this pregnancy, and that it was my second miscarriage, I’ve been a pretty paranoid momma this entire time. Each ultrasound that shows a healthy baby and each belly measurement that puts me ‘on track’ for my due date is like a major sigh of relief. I seriously considered buying a home doppler to listen to her heartbeat any time I wanted because I was THAT nervous. Was, I still AM nervous. It is a daily battle to give it up to the Lord that He has his hand on me and our daughter and that she will be born full-term without complications. It’s like an extra mantra I add in to my prayers about delivery.


Now for a Caleb update! WOO! He is 19 months and going strong of course. He is finally ON all three growth curves, though still very low percentile for weight. Fine by me but it does cause a problem keeping his pants up when he isn’t wearing a cloth diaper. The kid has no bum and his waist is about a 6 month clothing size. He is too tall of course, needing a 12 month at least in length. Obviously this is a dilemma. Baby belts don’t really exist so much in the retail world. Between myself and my MacGyver husband we decided a dog collar that buckles for a small ankle-biter dog just might work. After an $8 trip to Petsmart we have discovered this works great! Just a blank nylon collar is working wonders as a belt. They have leather too for those dressy occasions! Caleb has become much more cuddly as of late which we are eating up. He has a very sweet personality, wanting to make sure those around him are ok or happy. One morning at breakfast I asked him to ‘bump it’ with me as he likes to do. He refused several times. I made a very sad face and put my head down as if crying. When I looked up again he was looking at me, fist out ready to bump, and his classic “hmm?” It was possibly the sweetest thing he has done to date.

TCU Game December 3, 2012

"I love Horned Frog football!"

Back in December we took a short trip to DFW to go to the final TCU game of the regular season. We were lucky enough to stay and visit with my brother and his family. I LOVE having them closer than DC! It felt weird being at the game without Dad, but I think we have started a new family tradition. Caleb LOVED the experience. He started shouting when we entered the stadium and bouncing in our arms. It was awesome to see him so excited about a new experience, especially one so close to my heart. We tailgated with some former coworkers of my Dad’s, the people who were part of the reason I even ended up going to TCU. When we were inside watching the game Caleb enjoyed watching the game intently and especially the crowd’s reactions and cheers. Made me pretty darn happy that my little guy is a cheering Horned Frog! I am hoping we can attend a game for the 2012 season, TCUs first in the Big XII conference. Not only will the stadium be fully redone, but we’ll have new and better rivals to face! It will be interesting with a tiny baby, but I did happen to buy a ringsling in a lovely shade of purple that should be perfect for the occasion.

Caleb has quite a few words these days. Some come and go and others he says constantly. It is frustrating that we KNOW he can say milk, but any drink is ‘jus’, but I know the word will reappear at some point along with plenty of others who go on vacation from his daily use. I thought I’d include an abridged dictionary of Caleb’s version of words. It is funny how other kid’s words seem strange to you when they mispronounce them, but your own kid’s words just become second nature.
“Boppy” – monkey; his best friend who gets frequent baths in the washing machine. All monkeys are Boppy.

“Dut” – truck; my brother and SIL got Caleb four CAT trucks for Christmas and he adores them!

“Batpat” – backpack; we have a bag from the hospital actually that was full of formula. I used to store my pump in there on the go. Caleb has adopted it as his own

“Beeeeeee” – sheep; He loves the stuffed sheep in his room, but mostly Timmy of Timmy Time. He’s also started ‘baa-ing’ along when he sees a sheep. Adorable.

“Hone” – phone; I have no clue how he knows there is an ‘h’ in phone but he is choosing the make the p silent instead. He carries around his ‘hone’ and tells us to ‘call’ someone. He also carries on short phone conversations

“Hoosh” – shoes; he LOVES his shoes, but mostly everyone elses. Caleb loves to take your shoes, sometimes off your feet, and try to walk in them. He recently pulled a pump off the shelf at Naturalizer and placed his Converse sneakered foot right in to give it a test run.

Hopefully I will be able to post a BIT more often. Shouldn’t be hard as I haven’t set the bar too high here. Aim low, I always say. Ok, not really but I’m trying to not be too hard on myself. It’s been a tough pregnancy so far and blogging wasn’t topping my list of priorities as much as attempting to eat enough calories to make it to tomorrow. Until next time….


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  1. I LOVE the photo annoucement! Awesome idea!

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