Circle of Sickness AND Giveaway!

No, no, I am not giving away our sickness, though I would like it to GO AWAY. Zach and I have been sick for about 3 weeks on and off. Sick, almost better, one of us gets sick and the other follows suit. Caleb had a cold and got over it but now he has a fever so off to the pediatrician’s we will go tomorrow. Zach has bronchitis, I have swollen glands, and baybay is just not himself. Poor little man.

It’s been a rough couple of week actually. I ended up with a staph infection on my chin. Yes, you read that correctly. My chin. I am JUST that lucky! My love of ripping things off of my face finally decided to take revenge on me. One awful blemish that hurt like Hulk Hogan was pinching my chin turned into a red, swollen, scary mess of infection. That resulted in a trip to urgent care after the dimwit at my derm’s office didn’t call back until 4pm when I called at 1pm and then acted like I was nuts to ask if I could come in right away. Not my fault you didn’t call me back sooner, pal! Urgent care was ok. I got mega antibiotics and was told I couldn’t breastfeed on them. Also called the pediatrician’s office to double check that since the doc didn’t seem to know what he was talking about. Nurse said that no, I could not breastfeed. That means for a week I had to pump and dump. I pretty much wanted to cry pouring that milk out and I have a new respect for pumping mamas. I hated it and I don’t know how anyone does that exclusively. I had about 4 days of frozen milk in the freezer and I am so blessed to have two friends who gave me milk for Caleb. We didn’t have to buy any formula, woohoo! Pretty awesome if you ask me. Mamas, don’t ever throw out your extra milk! Donate it to a local milk bank or give it to a mom you know with an infant. Share that Liquid Gold wealth! A big thank you to Ally & Mikayla, Heather & Jackson for sharing with Caleb. To add insult to injury I went to my OB yesterday for my annual (joy!) and found out that I COULD have breastfed on those antibiotics. I pretty much wanted to scream at that point. Word to the wise, always call your OB office about BFing questions. They apparently know a lot more. My doc said they have the most up-to-date references and guides for medications and what will go through breastmilk. At least I know for another time.

Enough about sickness. We are just praying we’ll all be better ASAP. Anyhow, now on to the GOOD STUFF.

I mentioned that along with the redesign I would be doing fun things like sharing crafts, recipes, and giveaways. This giveaway is not through me, but my friend who is the lovely author of Our Growing Garden. She often reviews items and then has something from that brand or company to giveaway. This one is a Scandinavian clothing company with some freakishly adorable kids and baby clothes! Go directly to her giveaway post by clicking here and enter away. I promise not to be too angry if you win instead of me. Take a look at how she operates her giveaways as I will be taking my cues from Our Growing Garden for how to run my giveaways. I am so lucky to have some amazing ladies to use as a guide for things like this!

I also wanted to mention that I will be doing personal reviews of baby items as well. Something I meant to mention before! Watch out for those posts and be sure to bookmark them for future reference or to pass along to expecting mamas you know. Word of mouth is always the best kind of referral for anything, product or service. Hope y’all are all staying warm and well, unlike the Artsy Fam…


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