Why yes, we are still alive!

First, many apologies for my accidental hiatus. It was not my intention to disappear for nearly 3 months leaving everyone hanging. As you might have noticed I have done some work and given the blog a much needed facelift! It is still a work in progress but overall I’m happy with the big changes. I enjoyed making my custom header so much that I was actually a bit sad when I was finished. I foresee that I could waste spend many hours creating these types of graphic designs. The possibilities are endless and just too fun! In that regard, I would like to give a shout out to the awesome freebies which made my custom header possible: Pugly Pixel for the great papers and medallions, and in general for guiding me to other great things like the pencils, polaroid frame, etc. The Graphics Fairy for the fantastic vintage sheet music, and to Persnickety Prints for the background paper. Thanks to Pugly Pixel (oh and Hannah B for tipping me off about Pugly) I now have an obsession with what I will call digital photo graphics design. By that I mean that the objects used are all photos of actual objects pieced together in a scrapbooky type of way that gives it a real-life look and artsy fartsy feel. You should see the Photoshop file for my header…it is insane!

Now that THAT is out of the way, here is the skinny, in bullet form, of what’s happenin’ lately with us:

  • Early December: Mom, Caleb and I took a short trip to visit Great-Grandma Miller. TOO FUN!
  • Mid-December: Zach had surgery on his ear for a cholesteotoma (he will post on this soon!) AND my gorgeous niece, Samantha Joelle was born…same day as the surgery!
  • Caleb’s First Christmas: way too many gifts but so abundantly blessed by our families! (Mmmm, new TV/bluray/AppleTV)
  • Mid-January: JJB show at Houston House of Blues and Caleb’s first big concert!; also, the big move to a larger place complete with washer/dryer!

That is the big stuff that went on since I last blogged and I plan to go into more detail about those things soon but to do it all at once would be one HUGE post!

Along with the new look and feel of The Artsy Family I have some other big plans for the blog! The first being my very first giveaway! E’vrybody say, “YEUH!” I also want to start posting every other day or so and doing super spiffy things like featuring some swell ladies who are MOMpreneurs, craft ideas, recipes, and photo tips. I might delve into fashion some (it was my major after all!) but given the current state of fashion and the overabundance of 1980s throwbacks I’m not certain I would be too fair to the topic. We shall see. At any rate, just a preview of some of the great things to come here at the Artsy Family!



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2 responses to “Why yes, we are still alive!

  1. I love the new look of the blog, Barbie! I’m so happy you’re going to start posting again. 🙂

  2. Yay for updates! I’m uber excited about what you have planned for the ol bloggeroo! And I hate to invite myself but I’ll do it anyway hehe…can I do a guest post? 🙂 I’ll do a fun craft or something!

    Ps. Thanks for the shout out.

    Pss. Blog look fabo!

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