Birth Story, Part Two


Last belly pic...38 weeks

Around 4:30 in the morning Sunday, July 18 I finally gave up on sleep, and Zach and I started timing the contractions. After about an hour they were 5 minutes apart and lasting about 30 seconds or so. We called Tina to get her opinion and decided that yes, I was in early labor. Our plan had been to labor at home as long as possible, and since the hospital likes to see contractions 5 minutes apart lasting at least a minute each, it was no where close to time to head in. Megan, after getting the call from Tina, headed our way to help us labor at home. Zach and I really did think that things would keep progressing and that we’d be at the hospital before lunch on Sunday. Zach even loaded up the car with everything minus my bag and my pillow. It was time! How very wrong we were! Early labor kept on all morning. For awhile I maintained my 5 minutes apart, 30-45 second long contraction rhythm. I went back to bed for a bit, we took several walks before it got too warm outside, and I even spent some time in the shower, hoping to get things rolling faster. My labor seemed to be at this awkward standstill of confusion. It was as if Caleb had decided that maybe this being born business wasn’t such a wonderful idea after all. In the early afternoon Megan left to grab some lunch and also to see if her leaving would somehow get my labor back on track and progressing. Zach made us waffles and we enjoyed spending some time together, just us. After about an hour or so Megan called to check in and we decided to let her salvage what was left of her Sunday and we’d give her a call as soon as things picked up again.


Dinner out on July 17!

At some point in the afternoon I talked to my mom who said I should start a project because he was sure to come right when I got going and really into it. I had been  putting together the pieces to finish Caleb’s quilt but at that time I just didn’t feel like being crafty. Zach and I watched TV and relaxed. I think I might have napped again at some point as well. Sunday evening we ran to Little Caesar’s to grab a pizza and crazy bread. Neither of us felt like cooking. We both started to wonder if labor would ever get going again and when would we finally meet our baby boy? After eating I gave in and took my mom’s advice. I pulled out my sewing gear and got going on piecing the quilt while we watched more TV to pass the time. I should’ve started sewing earlier because once I got going, so did labor! It was probably 7pm or so when I started sewing and from then on my contractions became more frequent and were lasting longer. Next thing I knew we had a pattern of 5 minutes or less apart and lasting at least a minute long! Zach and I were both so happy to finally have a pattern again. Things were moving and soon we’d meet our son. Around 9pm we called the doctor who said to go ahead and come in. We also called Megan to let her know to meet us at Womans since we were heading in at last…

Stay tuned! The next post will have a few more photos as well!


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  1. Christina

    This story sounds all too familiar…we waited FOREVER before going in, but I’m glad we did. 🙂 I’ll have to remember the sewing trick, lol!!! Keep posting Mama!

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