The Long Awaited, Long Labor and Birth Story…Part One

I have finally finished my Birth Story! It is pretty long and as a result I have decided to post it in a mini-series for your reading and sanity’s pleasure. Some posts will feature photos taken by Zach and also by our doula. I promise the photos are G-rated.

WARNING: As this is a labor story and labor can be quite…colorful, I wanted to let you know there may be a few instances of ‘color’ within the story. Nothing that I think is too bad, but then again, I’ve been through labor so it is pretty much all over at this point.

The Birth of Caleb, Pt. 1

This is the story of how I went from being a pregnant woman to the mother of Caleb Michael S_____. I want to chronicle this miraculous event not only for posterity, but also to encourage other women who are seeking to have a natural labor and delivery. I found during my pregnancy that nothing was more uplifting and encouraging to me about the birth process than talking to others and reading the stories of moms who had gone through natural childbirth. Each story is unique with different twists and turns, and most will admit the pain of the process, but all have the same ending of the glorious beginning of motherhood when her baby is finally born.
Caleb Michael S____ was born at 5:30pm on Monday, July 19, 2010, weighing 5lb 12oz and measuring 17 1/4 inches long. When hearing those statistics one might think that labor began that morning and by the evening my precious baby boy was in my  arms. This would be possibly the most incorrect assumption ever to be made. The birth of Caleb came about after almost 37 hours of labor. At the time all I wanted was for labor to be done and my boy to be in my arms, but looking back I wouldn’t trade one single moment. My first clues that Caleb might be coming appeared on Saturday afternoon, July 17. I had some mild discomfort, otherwise known as contractions, and upon one of my many bathroom visits I noticed some bloody show beginning to appear. Aha! My wipe watching had finally paid off. I referenced What to Expect for a confirmation of what exactly bloody show was and that it was in fact a sign of early labor. At this point my excitement only grew, though I was still skeptical since I hadn’t lost my mucous plug and I didn’t even begin to hope my water would break on its own, giving me that definite sign it was ‘time’. I talked to our doula, Tina, and she had said to keep watching and waiting and let her know if things progressed. Sadly, she was out of town in New York and if this was the real thing, we’d have Megan, a doula working and learning under Tina, to assist us in the labor and delivery journey. The rest of Saturday afternoon was spent leisurely, taking it easy since I was tired and started feeling under the weather from the contractions. At this point contractions were not something that hurt, merely something I noticed now and then as a minor annoyance. Zach and I went out to a delicious dinner and dessert with another couple to celebrate a birthday. I am so glad we went and shared that time together, but also in fellowship with friends. There was a thunderstorm going on which only added another story-like element to the evening. We had a wonderful time, ate too much food, and all the while I noticed my contractions getting stronger and more frequent. Still, these were not painful, they were more crampy, similar to a menstrual cycle, and often accompanied by some minor low back pain. I became more and more excited, thinking to myself that by the next afternoon I would probably be a momma! Zach and I went to bed, anxious at the thought of possibly being in labor, but hoping sleep would come. I slept on and off but the contractions were coming even more frequently and almost always with the back pain now, which made it much harder to stay asleep. I’d find a new comfortable position and then get a contraction and it would be all over….

To be continued…stick around!



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2 responses to “The Long Awaited, Long Labor and Birth Story…Part One

  1. Christina

    I’m excited to read the rest!!!

  2. Yay glad you’re finally posting it!

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