Family Trip…and another on the horizon!

"Hi great-gramma...I wuv you!"


I can’t believe I’ve let 3 weeks or so go since I’ve posted! Bad, bad Barbie. I keep thinking of posting and then something happens or I’m busy when I think of it and then, poof!, the thought is gone when I have the time to sit down. Here is where the only benefit of insomnia kicks in. I get so bored that I actually do the things I should’ve done in the first place! Not a great system I realize, but I must start somewhere.

A few weekends ago we took Caleb on his first trip to Dallas to meet my mom’s side of the family. We are sort of the loners here in Houston with the exception of one aunt and one cousin, whom sadly we don’t see often. Darn our busy lives! My grandma is 91 (no from the pictures you will not believe that is her age!) and doesn’t travel anymore. Despite the horrid drive that we both hate, we were glad to get away for a weekend of no responsibilities, some tasty food and showing off the little monster. Caleb did fairly well in the car, only getting upset right as we pulled into Buc-ee’s for a pit stop and feeding session. Thank goodness! Got in some quality time with my cousin and her husband, scarfed down custard at Wild About Harry’s, visited the same Dunkin 3 times, ate Marco’s pizza once, and visited with the fam at the family compound aka Grandma’s house. Grandma was simply giddy to see and love on Caleb. After all, I was the last baby she’d had the opportunity to hold! Caleb simply adores his great-grandma and the feeling is mutual! You can tell she raised 5 kids and watched many grandkids by the way she handled his fussing and even crying with ease and grace. I certainly hope someday I’ll be that good with my own son! Grandma is an old pro! Unfortunately my Aunt Linda was out of town, so that means she must visit Houston now. Fine with us since Linda visits are always a good time! We have a great video Zach put together of Caleb meeting the Miller clan and as soon as I can figure out how to post it, or a link to it that all can see, I certainly will! For now though you must be contented with pictures. After all, as this blog’s subtitle states, I am a photographer, not videographer so really videos are pure gravy.

Caleb, lounging at the hotel

Caleb runs on Dunkin…and that is rain on the bag, not grease!

Great-gma lovin’

Grrrr-eat Aunt Carol, loving on the boy

My cousin Jenny and her hubs Bill…who LOVED Caleb. Seriously kept the kid for some 20 minutes!

The JJB has fans of ALL ages!

Stay tuned for photos of our attempt at a pumpkin patch shoot! I think I got a few good ones, which really is all I need. Somehow I didn’t realize how hard/awkward it would be to photograph an infant in a pumpkin patch when he can’t sit up on his own….


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