Nine weeks since the day

Happy to start his new job as assistant photographer

Caleb is now nine weeks old and just past his two month birthday! My goodness, how is it almost October already? Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas and I’ll be looking into solid foods for him. Monday was Caleb’s two month checkup with our pediatrician. He is now a whopping 10lb 2oz and 21.75″ long! His head is 15″ around, but I still don’t think it’s quite big enough for any of his cute hats just yet. Since he started off small, Caleb is still in the smaller range of the growth charts, but he is healthy and growing right on track. Doc says he will start to deviate from some of those growth curves as he plays catch up and pudges out on momma’s milk. He has a quite supple double chin that is just itching to be a triple. Caleb also got his 2 month vaccinations. 3 shots and one oral. He actually didn’t like the oral one and kept spitting it out as the nurse would put some in like it was a game or something. Eventually she got enough in there to consider him vaccinated. He was not a fan of the 3 shots, but really who is? The nurse set him up with some nice circus animal band-aids and the trauma was over. I had given him some baby acetaminophen beforehand and the rest of the day Caleb was just sleepier than usual but no other side effects of his busy morning. He is still getting over a little cold, fighting the sniffles, but overall he is taking it in stride and is still his happy, bouncy self. We will go back to the doctor in November for his 4 month checkup, and more shots.

On Sunday, Caleb’s two month birthday, we did his baby dedication at church. It was so nice to see the love and support our church has for our little ones. We had several people come talk to us after the service and offer prayers for our baby boy. How awesome! We went out to lunch with our families and then enjoyed a much deserved Sunday nap. Caleb is now smiling more than ever and thinks everything is funny. His little laugh is still silent however, just the expression of a laugh with the occasional squeak. Hopefully soon we will hear his precious belly laugh! His new favorite pasttime is bouncing. He LOVES to bounce. We’ll hold him up under the arms or by his little fists and he’ll just bounce away wherever he is standing. Caleb has very strong little legs and gets a lot of momentum in those bounces. He also likes to stand up, sometimes pulling himself up if we’ll hold his hands. It is so incredible to see how he is growing and changing. Every time I look at the hundreds of photos I have I see just how different he is already. I am so glad I’ve taken an overload of photos so I have tons of his brand new look after birth and how he is growing now. His eyes seem to be getting and staying lighter. I am really hoping he’ll get Zach’s green eyes instead of my brown! Only time will tell. From looking at Zach’s newborn photos I think his eyes will stay nice and light. It is actually scary to see how much Caleb looks like Zach as a baby. Same expressions, same double chin. I did, however, finally get a photo of Caleb where he looks like ME! I do notice sometimes that he’ll make expression that reminds me of mine and Robert’s baby photos, but overall he is definitely a Spruill. The photo below is in his outfit for his dedication. He is lookin’ pretty fly for a small fry.

My chubby cheeked look


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  1. Randy Godeau

    Very handsome young man:)). Thanks for the updates!

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