Rest for the weary

The past few days have been difficult. I know every day as a mom isn’t going to be wonderful, but it would be nice to not have several bad days in a row. Caleb has been out of his routine for whatever reason and reversing the order of his day. That means he wasn’t going down for naps well or at all sometimes, and waking early or never getting to a good, deep sleep. This of course made him fussier and more tired which only made it harder for him to eat, then harder to sleep well. ‘Round and ’round we go. For two nights in a row he has also decided to wake up at 4:30 or 5am for no apparent reason. He is really good about sleeping through the night most nights. Plus, these past couple nights he had his last feeding before bed later than usual so I expected him to sleep until at least his usual time. Not so…and not so fun! I was so exhausted from the day one of those nights that when he was screaming his sweet little head off I left the bedroom and laid down in the living room. I just had to get away from it, even if the shrill sound was only muffled, it helped. I lay there thinking, “I can’t do this anymore. I want to get away. Is breastfeeding really worth all of this? Why do I have to do everything?” Eventually after Zach changed Caleb’s diaper and it was apparent he would not be calmed, I went back in and fed the little monster that was once my son. Funny how quickly he changes from a hellion to a perfect angel once food is involved.

Today was finally a good day. Despite a minor cry fest at Target, the day went much more smoothly and a lot more like our typical days go. I decided to try limiting his waketime after eating because it seems he was getting over stimulated and then was so very awake yet tired that he just couldn’t settle down into a nap. I also fed him a bit early a few times today as well, but no more than by 30 minutes. He is very good about his 3 hour routine so I didn’t want to completely throw that out the window. Just a few times of feeding some early when he wanted it seemed to help a lot. I’m guessing due to his poor sleep the past few days he also wasn’t eating well and it was finally catching up to him. During Caleb’s awake time today he was just happy as ever. Lots of smiles, staring, and his new favorite, bouncing. Caleb loves to bounce over and over. Sometimes he seems a bit cautious about it and other times his face is all lit up with excitement. I wish doorway jumpers were ok for smaller ones because he would love it, but it will have to wait until he’s just a bit bigger. He also likes using his legs to stand up tall. I’ve started holding him by his fists or if he’ll grip to my hands to start working his arm muscles. My happy, bouncy baby gave me a feeling today that THIS is what it is all about. Yes, I hate those bad days where all he does is fuss and cry and I’m completely helpless to it all, but the good days like this one make the bad days worthwhile.

On another note, Caleb enjoyed the JJB’s band practice on Tuesday. So much so that he fell happily asleep for about 20minutes while they were rehearsing. We tried to put some noise canceling headphones on him, but he would not have it, at least not yet. Apparently the loud music soothed him and he had a good nap in the guest room at Jud’s house. This kid loves his music and it appears he likes it loud. Heaven help us when he’s a teenager. Sound-proof bedroom anyone?

Caleb’s skin was having some major dryness and peeling issues. After many products we have finally found one that works and doesn’t turn him into a little grease ball. Eucerin Intensive Care lotion has done the trick. Where his forehead, neck, ears, and some of his scalp were dry and flaking off there is perfect soft baby skin. FINALLY! I’ve felt like my son is a snake for weeks now, sloughing off skin like it’s time to grow. He still has some dry patches on his scalp but those are slowly disappearing as well. That’s why I just had to take the above photo today and share it. My baby boy finally has pretty skin again! Plus, how cute is that outfit from his Auntie Alicja?! He certainly is Mommy’s Little Monster.


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