First Smile

Thinking about smiling...

There it is! Big smiles!

On August 26th Caleb finally decided to give in and smile. He had some in his sleep and some other times, but it was obviously not intentional. These big gummy grins are definitely in response to our talking, cooing, kissing, and funny faces. He also does what I call a silent film laugh. He makes the face that he is laughing but nothing comes out. It’s pretty funny actually. Now he’ll even smile just from us talking to him, which is pretty darn neat! It’s a bit tough to get photos of the smile or a video by myself. I lucked out in getting this one! Caleb gets too distracted by my camera and forgets to focus on my talking and funny faces. I hope to get a video soon and also a picture of his full out gummy, eyes closed, nose scrunched big grin.

I go tomorrow for my 6 week postpartum checkup. Not really looking forward to this experience and yet another doctor’s visit, but I’ll certainly be glad it is over! I am looking forward to working out again since I know that will make me feel 1000 times better physically but also mentally. My birth story is still a work in progress but I am hoping I can get it wrapped up soon!


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  1. Randy & Karen Godeau

    Wow, what a great smile! I’m so happy for you & your beautiful family. Baby Caleb is such a blessing to you and to all of us. Love, Randy & Karen

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