A month old?!

A few days shy of 1 month old

Somehow or another is has been a over a month now since Caleb was born. Where has the time gone?! At times it has seemed to drag, like when we were waiting for him to come home, and at others it has flown by (he needs to eat again?!). It has been an eventful month, but just the past week has been filled with many ‘firsts’. In addition to his one month checkup, Caleb also had his first visit with Bubbie and Zadie, wore his first pair of shoes, and went for his very first swim!

Our one month appointment was actually on Caleb’s one month birthday. His updated stats are 7lb 11oz and 21″ long! All that mommy milk must be doing his little body good. Dr. W said he is growing perfectly and chubbing nicely. All of his newborn labs came back normal and we won’t go back until September 20 for his two month checkup. That same day Caleb’s Bubbie and Zadie (my Nana and Pa, aka my dad’s parents) came in for a visit to meet their first great-grandchild. It was nice to have them in town for the weekend and Caleb got lots of extra love from his Grandma and Bubbie. Grandpa and Zadie mostly observed, but definitely enjoyed the free entertainment that is Caleb and his cast of facial expressions. He is Charles Grodin in training for sure.

On Tuesday I decided it was time to take Caleb for his first swim. I finally found a sunhat for a good price at babyGap so we were ready to rock and roll. The shorts I bought to be his swim trunks look so tiny, but when we put them on they were humongous and fell right off. Diaper, sunhat, and Clinique sunscreen were all this little guy had on. We probably only stayed out 10 minutes, if that long. It is so hot and  the sun is intense, but an ulterior motive was that maybe he would have a good association with the water and possibly begin to be less of a terror during bath time. We shall see. He did great in the pool! I tried to just dip his feet and he was pretty unhappy, but once I held him close, poured some water on his back, and then ventured out into the water more, he really liked it. So long as I was holding him fairly close to me, he didn’t mind the water. Even when I dipped down more to get him wetter, he didn’t mind one bit. Here is to a successful short swim!

Caleb is currently in another growth spurt. He’s typically wanting to eat slightly early, he’s waking an extra time at night, and he is a bit fussier than usual, especially around meal and nap times. When he sleeps he is sleeping hard. Grow, baby, grow! I think he is actually at the 8lb mark now as I’m noticing I tire faster when holding him and lifting him seems just a bit more strenuous. My little baby man is getting big already…so sad.

In my last post I had mentioned about cherishing the time I have with Caleb since it is precious and ultimately limited, especially at this sweet cuddles stage. I have made it a point to cuddle him even more and to remind myself that time is flying by. Last night I prayed as I was falling asleep for our family, Caleb, some other things, and mostly to help me continue to be a good momma and do what is best for my son. Unfortunately, Caleb awoke at about 3am, which he normally waits until at least 4 or 5, and though I was not thrilled, I did notice that I was much more content while feeding him and I thought to myself how special that time was for just me and Caleb. How many times throughout his life will I have to hold him close and give him exactly what he needs in the middle of the night, just the two of us? While right now it seems an eternity, in the grand scheme of things I won’t have many opportunities for that. I hope that every night and every day, even in the wee hours, I can continue to keep my eyes open to this reality and soak in as many memories as I can. I think that in the long run not only will I look back and be grateful for those memories, but also having done this will make me a better mom because I am putting my parenting priorities, love being first, in the right order. God has entrusted Zach and I with this life to raise up, but ultimately we are to be an earthly example of a heavenly Father and the best way to do that is to love unconditionally and with passion. As humans the best and possibly the only way we can truly be Christ-like and in God’s image is to love other as He has loved us. Such a simple task that we make so very hard. Yet, what a relief to know that that is really what He’s asking of us, just to love.

Here are a few pictures of this week’s activities and some just because I like them!

Bathtime Burrito!

Cuddles with Grandma

Getting measured

Recovery from measuring

Caleb and Dr. W

First pair of shoes!

Being a smart shopper

Chillin' with Bubbie and Zadie

First swim

Good shot, Zach


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  1. Mom

    Cute pics! I loved your perspective on motherhood. Caleb is so lucky to have you and Zach for parents. And I think you’re a pretty good daughter, too. 🙂

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