Quick lil update…

Hello all!

Sorry I have been MIA. Being home with a newborn takes a LOT of time and energy and while I keep thinking of updating, it just hasn’t happen yet, as you know. Caleb is doing great! Sleeping well at night and eating mostly on a 3hr schedule during the day. I am still very tired not really from sleep deprivation, but just all the stress of labor on my body, then of him being in the NICU and now finally being home has really taken a toll on my poor unhappy body. Soon enough I hope I’ll feel more myself, though I’ve been told it’ll just take some time. Caleb is just thriving at home. He loves laying on his tummy, chilling in his Boppy, and enjoying his swing. He has amazing muscular control of his neck and also his grip! Today as Zach tried to take him out of his swing Caleb grabbed onto one of the stars on the swing’s mobile and was hanging on for dear life. Sometimes I swear he does things like that on purpose even though common sense dictates that he’s not there just yet. Maybe we’re not giving babies enough credit.

I am going to start writing out my birth story over the next few days. It will be pretty long I’m sure and hopefully full of detail as I piece it all together from my own memory and that of Zach, my mom, and Megan our doula. It’ll be posted on here and probably with a TMI warning since so much of the story just can’t be told without some details that some might not like to read ;o) I also have over 700 photos of Caleb, including Labor photos. I have narrowed down favorites to edit but it will just take time. SO, to tide you over, I’ll post a video of Caleb the day we brought him home. All of your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated, and please keep them coming. Just because Caleb is out of the NICU doesn’t mean our family doesn’t still need your love and support!

Enjoy the video below!

Caleb at home


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