Caleb is coming home!

Wonderful news! Caleb is coming home TOMORROW! His bilirubin levels last night were 9.5 so he was removed from his phototherapy lights. When my mom and I arrived at 11 this morning to feed him he was in an open air crib with no tubes and no velcro on his little face! While we were there one of the pediatricians from our doc’s group came by and said Caleb was good to go home once he’d been out of the isolette for 24hrs. He’ll come by tomorrow morning to check on things and we should be getting him home by the afternoon at the latest. Finally, we can take our baby boy home. What a joy and a relief!

Caleb looks fantastic today! He’s a hearty eater; up to about 50mls each feeding from a bottle. He’s doing great with breastfeeding so far. He latches on well after a couple tries and happily grabs dinner. In fact, he does this so fast he is already burping like a sailor. We are so proud ;o) I am getting more confident about breastfeeding and I think we’ll do even better once he’s home and we’re both comfortable in our element. This is truly an answer to prayer since I was very concerned that we’d have a hard time since he’d been tube fed, bottle fed, had pacis and some formula too. I am very encouraged by how well he is doing! I’m sure we’ll have some rocky times with it, but at least we have a good start to things. The only thing I’m concerned about is making sure he gets enough food from me since he didn’t start out solely breastfeeding. I feel like it will be hard to know if he’s full since I can’t quantify how much he is getting straight from me. I will definitely be asking our doula about that though. She is such a wonderful resource of knowledge and I am grateful for her every day! If I didn’t already, I am going to shamelessly plug that ANY laboring woman should hire a doula. It was worth every penny we saved up and when I had a moment to think about anything during labor, the first thought I had was, “Thank God we hired a doula. She is worth every penny!” So the short answer to ‘How did you survive 37 hours of natural labor and delivery?’ is: By the grace of God, the incredible love and support of my amazing husband and my mom, and lastly, having a doula!



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3 responses to “Caleb is coming home!

  1. nicole

    Congrats Barbie, so happy Caleb gets to go home tomorrow. That’s great news! I had the same issue with breast feeding. I wasn’t sure how to figure out how much milk jax was getting in! ask your doula if she can get ahold of an infant scale, if she can then weigh caleb before a feeding and then after a feeding. That’s the only trick i know.

  2. Congrats Barbie! You must be thrilled! Your doula sounds so wonderful. I’m very glad you have her!

  3. He is so handsome. Fig and I are so excited to meet him!

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