Caleb Update

I’m sorry I haven’t updated everyone sooner. So much has been going on that I haven’t found the time. We were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon and leaving without Caleb was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It just isn’t how things were supposed to go! Caleb is improving each day by leaps and bounds! Every time we go to see him he looks better and better and we get more good news from his nurses. Since being admitted to the NICU his respirations are in the normal range, his blood sugar is stable (no more IV!), he is taking all of his bottle feedings with vigor (feeding tube will be out tomorrow), his digestion is right on track, and he is holding his temperature which means they are weaning him off of the isolette that has been keeping him warm. At this point his only issue is his bilirubin levels which are increasing some despite his fake baking under the phototherapy lights. His levels are technically normal for his age, but since we have incompatible blood types (I am O and he is A) the antibodies from my blood that he’s been receiving for the past nine months are essentially attacking his red blood cells, creating bilirubin which causes jaundice. Sounds super scary when you first hear it, but we’ve been assured over and over that it is not something to worry over. Just a small hurdle to overcome. His skin coloring has improved greatly, except for his sunglass tan, so we are praying and believing that his levels will start a downward trend. Our amazing pediatrician has been a great advocate for Caleb’s quick release from the NICU. He’s stayed on top of the nurses to turn down the isolette temperature and get him in an open air crib and remained very optimistic about his getting out of there ASAP. It is looking like Caleb will be there only a couple more days, if that. We are so blessed to have found such a great pediatrician!

I was able to breastfeed him today for the first time since delivery and he was a pro! The lactation consultant was very pleased and impressed with his latching abilities and how well he fed especially given that his only other experience at it was 30min post-delivery when he was breathing too fast and hypoglycemic. I was very glad to have the help of the lactation consultant since I’m obviously new at this and was pretty nervous about it because Caleb and I hadn’t been given the bonding time I’d hoped for. He was able to do his entire 11am feeding directly from the source and only drank a teeny bit extra of what I’d pumped from a bottle. He was happy to get the good stuff! When he is bottle fed he guzzles down what I’ve pumped and is only mildly interested in the formula. What a good boy already, going for the steak over the Spam! He knows the good stuff when he eats it. I will be breastfeeding him again Friday morning with the LC there to help. I’ll take all the knowledge and help I can get while it is offered to me! Womans has a great education office of Lactation Consultants and even a group for moms of babies 6wks or less where you can come and ask questions about breastfeeding and get help, plus meet other moms. I am very encouraged by Caleb’s willingness to latch and suck and take it as an answer to prayer since I’ve been very concerned that he’d be too used to bottles and pacis to take to the breast.

I will try to update more, and also get some more photos up on here. Obviously, I’m still recovering from my L&D on top of trying to see my little man as much as possible, so the computer hasn’t been much of a priority or even desire. I am planning on posting my Birth Story on here very soon and I’ve been piecing it all together as I remember it and as my mom and Zach tell me more from their point of view. Please keep praying and believing with us that Caleb will come home by the end of this weekend! With God all things are possible. He can move mountains and getting Caleb out of the NICU and home to us is merely an ant hill! Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support. We can tell that it is working!



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8 responses to “Caleb Update

  1. Randy & Karen Godeau

    Sounds like things are going well! We’re still praying for y’all. Keep those updates coming when you can, & enjoy your new baby. Love, Randy & Karen

  2. Praying with you for a quick release from the NICU! I’m glad he is doing better every day!

    I loved your “steak over spam” comment – SO FUNNY!

  3. You are doing great, Mama! And your “steak vs. Spam” comment cracked me up. Hehe!

    Caleb is so blessed to have you.

    I will keep you all in my prayers!

  4. I’m SOOOO excited things are better for you guys! He’s so precious! Please continue posting BBQ :0)

  5. Linda Brock

    Barbie, you’re a great Mom already! Keep on believing and taking good care of you, Dad, and Caleb. I’m back from my conference and eager to learn more about your new family as events unfold.
    Will watch for your L&D story.

    Much love,


  6. Linda Brock

    Barbie, you’re a great Mom already! Keep on believing and taking good care of you, Dad, and Caleb. I’m eager to learn more about your new family as events unfold. Will watch for your L&D story.

    Much love,


  7. Brittany

    Oh, Barbie. That is so so so good to hear! I have been praying so much for him to buck up and get on home to you, not to mention that you guys would get to make up for lost time and get on track with bfing! It is great to hear that you are going to have so much support availible to you and furthermore, that you know about it an are willing to utilize it!!!! You are such an awesome mom and can’t wait to hear that you guys are home together! We will continue to pray for you!!!!!

  8. Katie

    glad to hear Caleb is making such fast progress!! i’m sure you’ll be a wonderful mom, barbie. 🙂 i’ll have to get your doula’s name when we have kids… although that won’t be for awhile!

    you should consider going to a local La Leche League’s meetings ( it’s a group for moms that provides support for breastfeeding. my mom was really active in it for most of my life (i remember going to regional and national conferences for our family vacations!). she even became an internationally certified lactation consultant! she worked as an lc at clear lake regional medical center and then for harris county wic. so if you have any breastfeeding questions, you can always give her a call. my # is 936.714.4318 if you ever need me to give you her #.

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