QUICKIE VERSION: Labor has begun! Keep refreshing the blog for new Twitter updates or follow @BabyBoySprout on Twitter.

DETAILS: After some early labor symptoms (TMI, TMI, and contractions) on Saturday, we are definitely experiencing the real deal labor! My contractions were getting crampier and more frequent as Saturday night wore on, but we decided to get some sleep if possible. Got a few hours sleep before contractions became more painful and I could no longer drift to sleep. As of now, 5:53am, they’ve been about 4-5 minutes apart and lasting about 43 seconds. Our doula is actually out of town (!) but our wonderful back up doula is on her way here. We’ll stay home for awhile before heading to the hospital. Please be praying for a smooth delivery without complication, and let’s throw in quick while you’re at it. That’s a nice adjective.

Don’t worry, Zach will be taking a million photos (I set him up with a 16GB and 8GB card) and I’ll get some on here when I can. I know everyone is anxious to meet/see this little guy!



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2 responses to “He’s COMING!

  1. Lisa

    I am so excited for both of you!!! You will do amazing and I can’t wait for you to hold little sprout in your arms!!! Blessing!

  2. Cheering you on from Illinois my birthing friend!! Things will get intense over the next few hours but YOU CAN DO IT. You’ll be holding your son by the time the sun rises. I’m just thrilled with excitement for you!!!!

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