Light a diaper for me, will you?

38 weeks, yes I know I'm always a week behind.

Let the countdown begin, this pregnancy is officially in the single digits closing in on the due date! I cannot believe we are just a matter of days away from possibly meeting this little guy.  I know the due date is an estimate but I have to countdown to something and the due date is the best guess I have at this point. I am really doing my best not to just sit around waiting and I think I’m doing an okay job. Last week I got a pedicure, hung out with a friend, visited Katy Mills Mall for the first time in 6 years, and of course, relaxed. So far this week I have spent the day with my mom, had a girls night out at CPK and Pacuigo with a friend, checked out a couple of potential new homes for January, met up with a friend for catch-up and ice cream, had another girls night tonight with two of my best girls (we were only missing one of our 4 Blondes…), and of course, had my weekly doctors visit and hospital testing routine. I know the latter is why most of you are actually reading this. It’s ok, let out that sigh of relief, I know the truth so you can all rest easy. Ready? Deep breath, aaaaand release.

We got to the hospital a bit early this week in hopes of being ‘on time’ with schedule since last week took for-ev-er. Pretty sure the check-in lady at radiology knows us now. I like familiar faces, but at the same time it makes me a bit sad I’m there often enough to be recognized. Our ultrasound tech was one I’d had before, familiar face numero dos, but I’d liked her the first go around so I didn’t mind. The ultrasound went well, amniotic fluid levels still back to normal AND we finally, after 39 weeks, got a decent picture of his foot! Darn kid would never cooperate, despite his love of kung fu kicks, and give us a baby foot preview. It is even good enough to see those little phalanges! Fetal monitoring also went well despite Sprout’s attempts to remove the monitor from the inside. We waited quite awhile at the doctor’s office despite finishing testing in record time. I think Doc has a lot of July babies so he either had a delivery or had to run across to the hospital for something or rather. The midwives do take on extra patients to get things moving, but last week Doc had said to be sure we spoke with him this week, so we really did have to wait for him to get in the office again. Not a fun thing to do, waiting in a crowded room with other tired and annoyed people, but since I’m sure I’ll end up messing up someone else’s appointment time when I’m in labor/delivering, I try to be grateful that Doc is good about doing his own deliveries when at all possible.

Baby Foot!

Good news: in two weeks I haven’t gained any weight, woohoo! Kind of gained 4 pounds in one week suddenly after recovering from the stomach bug so I was hoping I wasn’t still packing it on. Crisis averted. Strange news: my blood pressure, or BP for you medical types, was a bit on the high side. I had just had it taken about 1.5hrs previous during the fetal monitoring and it was 110/60-something. I get in the room at the doctor and suddenly the lower number (sorry, I don’t ever recall which is which) is 98! Uhhh ok? How does that happen? I haven’t had any swelling issues, no blurred vision, only slight, very short-lived headaches, really nothing pointing to high BP issues. Hypertension does run in the family, but I never have any issues with it and this pregnancy has been no exception to that. Annoyingly enough, this does raise a red flag to Doc. Grr! I am effacing, though I don’t know how much, and I am now a ‘good 2cm’ which I suppose means in between 2 and 3 since last week was 1, almost 2 and he said I’ve dilated more since then. Since the ultrasound didn’t measure Sprout, I am not sure if he is any bigger or not. My guess is Doc wasn’t expecting a drastic change in size and therefore didn’t order that type of ultrasound. At this point we are negotiating on how long I get to wait on labor. Since the fluid levels are good and his size, while small, is not in the drastically small percentile (under 10th) Doc is not adamant about inducing at this point. He would like us to continue testing next Thursday, if I make it to then, and then evaluate from there. Doc is a bit wary of leaving Sprout to cook much past my due date mostly because of his smaller size. There is some concern that the placenta may not be doing its job anymore of providing proper nutrition in which case better for this little one to be on the outside, getting what he needs. Also, Doc mentioned there are only so many things that can be predicted or diagnosed while in utero, plus my random BP spike becomes a concern about preeclampsia so again, he is thinking sooner is better on having the baby. I have, free and clear, until Thursday to go into labor on my own. After that will be more negotiating based on the new test results. While I would prefer that Doc just let well enough alone, I know enough about negotiating to be happy with my week of freedom from pressured induction and take the rest as it comes on Thursday. One step at a time. When I asked, he did say that since my body has started to prepare some on its own by dilating, softening, effacing, and baby boy is low and in good position for delivery that induction would be much easier than if I had no progress at all and was more of a ‘brick wall’. That is a comfort in a way and I’ll take any ray of induction sunshine I can get since I fully understand that things can change quickly and inducing may be necessary. SO, since inducing just isn’t my cup of tea and I’d rather not have another negotiation meeting (and I do love to negotiate, no really, I do!) I need all of YOU to do something for me, please. Pray, do a dance, send good vibes/karma, give me labor dust, light a candle, heck, light a diaper that I will go into labor on my own BEFORE Thursday. Problem would be solved! Sprout would be here, we’d know if he truly is a small fry, I’d get to hold my son, and the doctor would be happy that he is delivered safe and healthy. Wins all around! Don’t forget to keep checking back here and refreshing the page for new tweets, or follow Sprout on Twitter (@babyboysprout) to get updates once I AM in labor.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do all you can think of (pray, beg, pay off federal agents) to prompt my body into labor before D-Day, Thursday, July 22. This blog will now self-destruct in 5 seconds…



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5 responses to “Light a diaper for me, will you?

  1. Aubree

    1. I love the light a diaper idea…I might do that for you! It may not give much luck, but it should would be fun. =)
    2. I love the shirt you are wearing in your picture! Super cute!

  2. Brittany

    I’m on it!

  3. You look gorgeous in the picture!! What great memories you have of this pregnancy. I’ll be really surprised if you don’t go into labor on your own. Along with dilation, effacement, and the baby dropping, weight stabilization is yet another sign that your body is preparing for labor. I’m glad you have a week. Do lots of walking and have lots of sex (nature’s pitocin, I tell ya!) and that baby will be here before you know it! Praying for you Barbie!

    • barbaralea

      Thank you for always being such an encouragement to me from afar! I always take heart in your comments. You’re my secondary doula from far away and I’m loving it! You will be such a wonderful asset to any momma who hires you. God’s blessed you abundantly with a gift!

  4. HEY girl! Hang in there! I had hypertension and that forced me to have a c-section after 14 hours of…but I survived! Praying for you!!!!!

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