Rejoice, the end is near!

Holy Belly Drop, Batman!

We are now in the second week of July and about 2 weeks away from Sprout’s due date! I cannot wait to meet this little man and the time is flying by which, I hear, is unusual for late in a pregnancy so I’m hoping it continues. Now for the doctor’s status reports which, let’s face it, is really the reason you’re reading this post anyhow. Ah! I see that shameful look, don’t lie! But I digress. We had our ultrasound and fetal monitoring again before the doctor’s appointment. Fetal monitoring was on point and we were only there for 20 minutes this time since Sprout was fiesty and moving around, likely in an attempt to get rid of the monitors. He really hates monitors. I hope that doesn’t mean he is paranoid, “They’re watching me!” (looks left and right). Everything looked good on the ultrasound as well! The amniotic fluid is somehow up to 8.6 from last week’s 6.5. Quite impressive considering I kept drinking water, but not what I’d call an excessive amount. We saw him sucking away on his thumb, cute for sure, but of course all I can think is, “Oh heck no! We are NOT spending 10k in orthodontics!” He is healthy and developing as he should be. No missing organs or anything. Sprout is measuring what is considered small at 5lb 9oz which puts him in the 14th percentile. He was previously in the 24th I believe. After a 2 hour break (thank you lunch breaks…) we had our visit with the Doc. He is happy with the fluid levels but a little concerned about Sprout’s small fry status. He said that Sprout IS healthy and all, just small. The percentiles could be skewed by so many people having bigger babies as of late. Since our boy is on the smaller side Doc would like to see him born by our due date if not sooner. We will do the same routine of tests next week before the appointment and then discuss the options from there depending on what they show. Doc did also mention that there is no accounting for or predicting how a baby might end up with a sudden growth spurt before or even just after birth. Mostly since Sprout is not under-developed Doc doesn’t want to leave him in there too long ‘hoping’ that he’ll grow. I have mixed feelings on this, but honestly, I am relieved to have a small baby! Maybe God is being nice to my small self and is giving me a small baby. Let’s let Him!

Good news: I am about 2cm dilated and Sprout is super duper low. The ultrasound tech kept apologizing for having to jam the u/s probe on my pelvic bone in order to measure his little head. She said he is REALLY down there. This kid already likes to get dooooown! I think if I weren’t dilated at all and if Sprout wasn’t already sitting so low I’d be more nervous about having him early with induction or augmentation in some way. If I had no progress at all I would feel that this boy just isn’t there yet and maybe we should let him bake a bit more, but I think we have an eager beaver on our hands. Definitely makes the possibility of inducing less unsettling and easier to accept if that is the case. I have been having some contractions as well, but nothing that gets into a pattern. Also, I think I am likely having some and not really noticing so much which makes me feel confident about the first stage of labor!

I actually read this article the other day about contractions and how they are not actually painful at all. It is our reaction to them that creates the pain. Uncomfortable sure, since the uterus is a muscle that is flexing, but not necessarily painful. You can read it for yourself, but in short what happens in we tense our bodies during the contraction and then WHAM, paaaain. Interesting to read since we have also read some of the Bradley Method book and he talks about this very thing, how staying calm and relaxed will help to have a more manageable labor for the mom. Labor doesn’t HAVE to be screaming bloody murder like in the movies. Always good to remember.

Nesting started earlier this week and I’m glad! We got a lot of baby items organized and put away so the pile is less daunting and I also feel like we could actually function in our room for nursery purposes. I also got my hospital bag ‘packed’ with what I can and made a list of what else needs to go in before we head out. I feel as ready as I’ll ever be for Sprout to come whenever he comes. I feel better knowing I won’t have to run around trying to pack a bag at the last minute and forgetting what I actually need.

I had my last day of work on Tuesday and I am GLAD. I loved working there, but it was getting too hard to be on tile floors and I can’t bend over much because Sprout is so low. Also, I’ve developed a lovely cold which kind of makes me feel like a Mack truck hit me, so not worrying about getting up early or getting good sleep on a schedule is good. It’s too hard to do when you don’t feel good! I am getting better with loads of vitamin C and some Sudafed, but it doesn’t keep me from drowning when I lay down. At any rate, the Doc wants me to take it easy. He said he doesn’t want to confine me to the bed or couch, but that I need to rest and relax more than usual. Just to be on the safe side of course. I did get a lovely pedicure yesterday which I really needed after being on my feet so much. She massaged my feet for a looong time and I loved every minute of it! Plus, now I have the prettiest almost-momma toes I’ve ever seen. Who says you can’t be in labor and have pretty toes and a toe ring?!

Date night!

The above photo is from our Date Night on Saturday. Our last I’m sure before our little boy arrives! We ate a delicious meal at Pappadeaux and then saw Toy Story 3. It was SO good. Pixar never fails, but I definitely cried. No fair to play with the pregnant lady’s emotions!

The JJB has a show at Verizon Wireless on July 23. This will be interesting because as of right now Zach is going to play the show. We’ll just have to, no pun intended, play it by ear depending on if I’m in labor or just had the baby or what is going on. The guys will just have to understand if he gets a call he WILL run off stage, haha. Is it wrong of me to sort of want that to happen and to have Video Zach capture it?! Talk about a great story.

I think this post is likely long enough, or too long, so I am going to say adieu, auf wiedersehen, and get some more rest in!



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3 responses to “Rejoice, the end is near!

  1. The doctor should also consider that you are so petite! So DUH, you are not going to have a 9-lb baby. He will be smaller perhaps because of that. Plus, ultrasounds can be off by a few pounds! Moms who are told will have 9 lb. babies sometimes have 7, and are like…uh, doc?

    I read somewhere that the amount of amniotic fluid is always in flux, since the baby is drinking it and then peeing it and stuff…so a low reading could have happened right before a big pee. Haha! But that’s interesting, no?

    And yay for 2cm! That’s 20% open! 🙂

    I think there really is something to the “If you think it will hurt like a dickens, it will” when it comes to labor. This time, I’m doing HypnoBabies which should help keep my mind focused and in check.

    I focused on keeping my fists, shoulders, and face (specifically my forehead and jaw) relaxed during contractions and that helped so much. I practiced doing that a ton, because you do have to consciously think about relaxing those parts. They say if your face is relaxed, so is down below. Hee!

  2. You’re so close, and it sounds like you’re really ready! That’s really interesting about contractions- I’ll have to keep it in mind for the future. I hope everything goes well in the next two weeks, and I can’t wait to see your healthy new baby! 🙂

  3. I read this post in my email and had to come by to leave a comment! I’m in agreement with your first commenter. Late ultrasounds, especially ones so close to the due date, are highly inaccurate at predicting baby’s weight. While it’s fun to guess and there’s nothing wrong with that, it drives me nuts when doctors use baby’s size (or in you case, lack thereof) to even consider induction! I read this article when I was pregnant and found the “Ultrasound for Estimating Fetal Weight” section to be of interest. It’s a bit out of date (2003) but it reflects current data in a fairly easy-to-understand way.

    As you know, my daughter was “small” as well and was born ten days “late” at 6 pounds, 11 ounces. I shudder to think how small she might have been if I allowed the doctors to treat my due date like an expiration date. I was getting badgered to induce before my due date even came! I refused, but allowed the to do a non-stress test to check that baby was alright. They seemed satisfied with that arrangement. You might consider asking to do the same. The non-stress test, if it shows promising results, will buy you more time and allow you to go into labor naturally the way you want. Pitocin-induced contractions will make a natural birth very, very difficult to achieve and this was my main reason for wanting to avoid being induced. Another option is to attempt natural induction. There are many ways of doing this. I’m part of a facebook group dedicated to helping moms in your situation – I’ll send you an invite!

    That is totally awesome that you are already 2 cm! That’s 1/5 of way there! Your ideas about contractions are spot on. During my labor my doula was constantly reminding me to relax and let contractions happen. Like you said, tensing and trying to avoid them is where much of the pain comes from. You are going to do GREAT with labor! Keep reading those inspiring birth stories and be excited – your turn is coming so soon!

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