Full Term, baby!

36 weeks, yes I'm typically a week behind in photos

First, I want to say I tried to post videos from the recording sessions this week, but since I’m not keen on the pricey video upgrade at the moment, it wasn’t working. I’ve posted the links to the videos at the bottom of this post, so I hope THAT will work.

Hip hip hooray, I am now full-term which means he can come any time without worry of major issues! That is definitely a relief in light of the fluids situations. We had our ultrasound, monitoring, and appointment yesterday. Both the fetal monitoring and ultrasound went great and we got to see him wave at us! It was the cutest thing. His amniotic fluid is actually lower than last week, now at 6.5 down from 7.5. Doc didn’t seem to feel the situation is dire at this point which is a relief because I would really love to go into labor on my own. We will repeat the same testing next week before our appointment, again, just to keep tabs on everything. We asked Doc if my drinking a lot of water was going to effect Sprout’s fluid levels and thankfully he said that there is no conclusive evidence to show that it would make a huge difference. He said that because how the baby and placenta make the amniotic fluid and also how my body uses and processes water are both so dynamic that he can’t say definitively that drinking my weight in water will suddenly make a drastic change in the fluid levels. Thank GOODNESS because the testing nurse told me to drink 4 jugs of water a day…that’s 140 fl oz! I was already overwhelmed trying to make sure I drank enough water and hearing that did not sit well with me. I’m glad we asked Doc. He said to keep drinking the normal amount of water I need and if I feel dry, parched, thirsty, to drink extra and quench it, but that I don’t need to be militant about drinking water, water all…day…long. There was some implying that they’d like to ‘keep him in there a week or two more’, whatever that is supposed to mean. I guess there is some thought he either might come early or need to come early? At this point I am not miserable and I think I’d be just fine to make it to the due date. However, if he needs to come early, then I am praying that I can go into labor on my own but early enough to make sure he is here safely! Sure, if Doc decides we need to induce I will accept that and be praying for mondo strength to make it through, but wouldn’t it be grand if I could have him without induction just in the nick of time?

JJB Recording Sesh Videos:
Gettin’ all set up

Recording Day 1

Recording Day 2



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2 responses to “Full Term, baby!

  1. Hey hon! Glad you are full-term! YAY! I can’t wait to find out when your baby’s birthday will be 🙂

    If you want to embed videos here (for free) upload them to YouTube and then click on the embed code, and paste it in the html part of your blog post. Easy peasy!

  2. Brittany P.

    Yay!!! Full term baby!!!!! So glad your visit went well, and you got to see baby 🙂 I can’t wait to share the experience!!

    Much loves!

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