Busy, busy week

It is a busy week in our family. While I’m not working very much and just put in my notice for my last day, Zach’s schedule is crazy! The band is recording some new music all week, at least 8 hours a day! Plus, Zach is still working his job all week as well. He gets to open the store Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and all of those days except Saturday he’ll go straight from work to the studio. Yikes! I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband who is willing to work so hard for us! Hopefully I’ll make it over to the studio at least one day this week to get in on the action and see how it all works.  Z got an early birthday present from his parents, a FlipHD camera, that he is eagerly using this week to capture the behind the scenes of recording. I can’t wait to see how these videos turn out! We’ll be using the same camera once the baby is here to capture those precious memories we won’t want to forget. This camera has really good ratings from owners, but also the band’s resident videographer said it is fantastic quality and is the best thing for our needs and budget, since we didn’t want to spend $600 right now. I’m so anxious to try it out on our little man! I’ll be sure to mention when the new music is finished and available for purchase and listening pleasure. There are two BRAND NEW songs that I’ll be very excited to have on tracks, and a lot of others that just haven’t gotten done in a studio setting yet. Yipee!

Adding to the chaos this week is our 37 week appointment, which, is actually on Zach’s birthday! We’ll be at the hospital at 8am for an ultrasound and then fetal monitoring before heading across to the doctor’s office for our appointment. We’ll find out if my drinking a ton of water will have increased baby’s amniotic fluid or not. If not, I am not entirely sure what will happen. I’ll be full term which means that according to doctors, it is safe for baby to be born at any time without worry of being premature or having major developmental complications. Depending on if the fluid is still low, and how low it is will dictate what happens next. From what I understand, if it is too low my doctor will want to induce labor, which, I’m not thrilled with, but I also don’t want to endanger my little boy! Thankfully, it doesn’t mean I can’t still have the natural delivery I want, it just means labor won’t start on its own and I might have to work a LOT harder resisting those pain medications since pitocin can make contractions very strong, very fast. Fun fact about Thursday: it will be 22 days from my due date AND it will be Zach’s 22nd birthday. How cool is that?!

I am so thankful for our doula, Tina. After our meeting last night I feel very confident about the birth process, confident in my abilities to be successful at a natural birth, and more at ease with the possibility of being induced, should it become medically necessary. Our birth plan is pretty much done which is a weight off of my shoulders since that is our best communication with the nurses during labor since I’ll be just a bit occupied. We went over breastfeeding, laboring positions, and just some info in general about what to do if I think I’m in labor, etc. I feel like if I were to spontaneously go into labor right now, we’d be ready to go! I haven’t packed my bag yet, but since I plan to labor at home awhile anyhow, I could use that time to get things together if need be. I’ve started stacking things in a pile that go in the hospital bag though. The carseat base is installed in my car, the crib is ready for a baby, and he has clean clothes to wear! Now we’re just waiting on him to make his entrance, which, if he’s anything like his father, will be a bit of a performance to say the least!


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