Under 30, in more ways than one!

We are down to 29 days until Sprout’s due date! I must apologize for being a bit behind in the updating department. It has been a BUSY couple of weekends for some good and some not so good reasons. On the 12th two ladies I have known for years hosted a lovely shower for me at the church I grew up in. It was wonderful to see friends and so many ladies I hadn’t seen in months since we moved in-town and found our church we love so much. Z and I were abundantly blessed with many necessities, a whole library of books, and some of the cutest clothes I’d seen yet! We even got a baby fedora from his parents along with an adorable ‘Tommy Bahama’ style outfit. It was a great, though exhausting, afternoon! The next day we went to Clear Lake for a hangout/shower for a friend of ours which was fantastic and where I unexpectedly got more gifts from friends who couldn’t make the shower the day before. We got home and enjoyed our own ‘sprinkle’ of gifts in the living room together.

This past weekend was not nearly as fun. Unfortunately I somewhere acquired this bug that made it impossible to keep anything, water included, in my stomach. I lasted 2 hours of my 4 hour shift on Saturday before losing everything and heading home. I continued to get worse since I could not stay hydrated via water or Gatorade. Such a bummer, too, since I was enjoying that fruit punch flavor Z brought home for me! By around 4am Sunday I decided I better head to the hospital because I was obviously only going to get more dehydrated unless I got an IV or some form of nausea medication. We got checked into L&D (that’s Labor & Delivery for those of you not up on the pregnancy lingo) around 4:30am and lucky for me, my doc was the on call that night so he was already there! I got hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and another to chart any contractions. Aside from a lovely retch fest I’d also been experiencing some back pain which was odd since I’d just been to the chiropractor the day previous. Turns out that low back pain was actually caused by contractions! I’d been having them all day Saturday with no clue because low back pain is, at times, a way of life for me. I remained on monitors for about 6hrs since sometimes just after a contraction Sprout’s heart rate would drop and they were concerned that it was squeezing the umbilical cord, which if it persisted, would mean they’d want to deliver me. Thankfully, the contractions were mostly brought on by the dehydration and were not productive, meaning I wasn’t dilating. Doc did however point out that Sprout is really low which I had figured out from the head butts and  the increasing awkwardness of certain sitting positions. After some phenergan, water, and 2 popsicles we were discharged around 11am. We got home and I crashed for several hours. Great side effect of the drug was a good deep sleep. I didn’t even know that Z’s parents had come by and dropped off food, some Father’s Day gifts, and flowers for me. The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch watching a Heroes marathon and making sure I drank a lot of water and ate at least a little food. Not exactly the Father’s Day we had planned!

Under Doc’s orders we headed to his office Monday morning for an appointment (still no dilation, phew) before being sent over to the hospital for fetal monitoring and an ultrasound. Passed the 1hr monitoring just fine. Got a pretty long ultrasound where we got to see Sprout’s little face (we think he has Z’s nose), lots of organs, a foot, and some arms. They estimated him to be about 4lb 12oz. Everything on him checked out just fine but his amniotic fluid was considered low at 7.5, lowest acceptable being 7.9. I’m now to weekly appointments anyhow, but due to the low fluid we will go to the hospital first for monitoring and an ultrasound before heading to our appointment on the 1st. I have found some bad but also some good in this entire debacle. The bad being it is annoying to keep being monitored. I have decided that I REALLY hate monitoring. While it’s cool to see the contractions and hear his heartbeat for an hour at a time, the monitors are very confining to me. They put them on fairly tight and since I don’t have a big belly. Plus, I keep being put in terribly awkward and painful (on my low back) positions. I end up repositioning and between the small belly and me moving the monitors don’t stay where they should be. The nurse probably hated me because she had to keep readjusting when we were in L&D. The good of the monitoring is I was able to watch, learn and now recognize what a mild contraction is like since I had been oblivious to the ones previous. The BEST thing about all this is that I now have at least TWO extra ultrasounds I wouldn’t have had other wise. That is TWO more times we get to watch our baby boy before he’s here. I may have more, but two extra is pretty darn nice!

At work on Tuesday I had contractions every 3-10 minutes after being on my feet for a couple of hours. I finished my shift and came home to load up on water and get some more rest. I knew the contractions weren’t progressing into active labor since they were not increasing in intensity, but I tried to keep things low-key anyhow. It was probably a bit much being at work after being off of my feet for 3 days straight. With a lot of rest and even more water the contractions subsided and I haven’t had any since…well, maybe one or two, but nothing noteworthy.

On a happier note, I think, we are almost out of thank you notes! I am caught up for today anyhow. We ordered 72 thank you’s and we only have 15 left! Holy cow! People are so generous and we are being blessed hand over fist. When I placed the order I thought I might be overbuying on the thank you notes, but now I might actually have to go buy or order some more. Crazy! We are so very lucky to have wonderful friends and family who continue to bless us on a daily basis in so many little (and BIG) ways. Just proof that when you place your trust in the Most High and are faithful and obedient to Him, He WILL take care of you and give blessings beyond your imagination. That doesn’t mean we don’t experience speed bumps and hardships; things come up every day it seems! But when you take those hardships and you simply say, “Ok God, this seems impossible right now and I can’t see the way or find an answer, so I am giving this up to You” He makes a way where there seems to be no way. Doors close, others open, and skylights appear in the ceiling! Daily I am thankful for having a godly husband who will trust in the Lord with me and is willing to admit he can’t do it alone, as much as he’d love to. I have lived out of the will of God before and let me tell you, comparing that journey to the one I am on now, there is no better place to be than LIVING in His will for your life!


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One response to “Under 30, in more ways than one!

  1. Love these updates! And I agree, being on the monitors is such a pain.

    I had to go in for low fluid whatnot as well. But I do think my levels were less than yours and they were still ok? I vaguely remember 5 being their cutoff but I could be way wrong. Maybe each hospital is different? I dunno!

    ANYWAY drink tons and tons of water beforehand because my midwife told me you can’t drink your way out of a true amniotic fluid problem, but if it was just a hydration-related one, then that will solve it.

    And glad to hear you’re running out of thank-yous! What a good problem to have 🙂 God is good.

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