How time flies

33 weeks, only 7ish to go!

I cannot believe that I am almost 34 weeks with only 6 more (theoretically) to go! Where on earth did the time go?!

This past weekend a friend from college threw me a shower up in Dallas and it was a blast! Most of my family was able to come, some of my college friends, a friend from Arkansas, and even a friend from high school who now lives in DFW. What a fun group of people! My friend truly outdid herself on the shower with favors, a slide show, fun but non-annoying games, and tasty food. I am so blessed to have people like her in my life! We got many things from the registry and of course loads of cute clothing. How abundantly our little Sprout is already being blessed is just beyond me. I will post pictures from the shower in the next day or two, I’m honestly too tired to mess with it right now. I will, however, show you the pile of baby swag we were so blessed to receive!

Today was my 34 week appointment and an ultrasound to see how Sprout is growing. The ultrasound was pretty long, which was fun, and he is small at 4lb 4oz, but on track and healthy! Good thing too since last night I had the strangest dream that he was born but had some genetic defect which caused him to be perfect as can be…except for the HUGE cyclops eye in the middle of his sweet little face! I know it sounds insane, but I was so glad to have an ultrasound today to confirm that he is developing as he should be without any strange abnormalities of the face. PHEW. Sprout is also head down, which is a shock to me, but as he should be. Usually he seems to lay side to side, or so I thought. I was afraid he’d be stubborn about turning downward but I guess he’s behaving…for now. Zach was unable to come with me due to training for work, so my mom tagged along! I was able to get some pictures and a video of the ultrasound for Zach to watch later. I really do love the people that work at my hospital! Saw the doctor after the ultrasound and everything is going well. I got some pointers on when to call if I’m having contractions and what to do to try and stop them so I don’t have to come in for nothing. I despise being at the hospital and doc’s office most of the afternoon, but at least it was all for a good cause and good news! Next appointment is in two weeks and they’ll check for StrepB and then after that I’ll be making weekly visits. Not looking forward to that, but it means the end is near and baby boy is almost in my arms.



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3 responses to “How time flies

  1. Looks like you got some great gifts! I can’t believe you’re due so soon. Time flies!

  2. Wow, you’re due so soon!! That great that he is healthy and it sounds like you guys are ready for the arrival. I love looking at baby clothes, shoes, bibs… they’re all so cute.

  3. That’s neat that you got a third-trimester ultrasound. Most women I know only have one at around 20 weeks. 🙂 Aren’t those pictures the best?

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