Every baby was kung fu fighting…HEYAH!

We are currently 60 days out from our due date, or about 31 going on 32 weeks. I’ve been feeling Sprout move since I was 16 weeks along and Zach’s been on board since 18weeks, but let me tell you, I think the Hubble could pick up this kid’s movements. It is crazy to see my belly move seemingly on its own. It bumps out here, and dents in there, and sometimes my belly does the wave. We’re beginning to think he is doing The Worm in there. He moves most when I first wake up, when I’m winding down at night, and of course when I’m attempting to fall asleep. I really wish I could watch him on an ultrasound as he is making these strange moves because I am very curious as to what on earth he’s doing in there! Soon I want to try and capture this phenomenon on Zach’s iPhone video and upload it so you can see just how obvious these moves and grooves are. One week he actually kicked the doppler as the doctor was getting a heartbeat! Our OB said that he’s noticed a lot of babies develop a little personality while still en utero and it is interesting to see how that translates once they’re born. Apparently this little guy is fiesty. I like him already!

Best thing about all this movement is it makes this pregnancy REAL. Really really real. There’s a little life in there and it is such a miracle and a blessing! After so many years of wanting to be a mom (try 21!), losing one little life, and having a myriad of issues that led me and a few doctors to believe it’d be some work to get pregnant, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the blessings God has given us in this new little life. His timing is never what we want, it seems, but in the end it always works out. This little man has already stolen my heart. Especially when I’m laying down at night, wherever I place my hands on my belly, he moves over and snuggles up right to the spot. I’m sure that there are several great scientific reasons for this, but I like to think it is because he loves me too! Sprout, you’ve gotten to me and melted my heart already. Can’t wait to meet you!


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